SUMMER - 2017

homework -
1) Review the handbook and course syllabus with your parent - read and sign the last page
2) Join your Google classroom
  • Login to your DPS Google account -- then go to "Google Classroom" -- join a classroom
    • Advanced orchestra class code - 8yzf8dq
3) Practice
    • Your goal is 1000 minutes over the summer
    • Keep a practice journal - set goals for yourself, reflect on your practice sessions, and keep track of your time
    • Chair tryouts will take place our first week back, audition music for chair placement will be the all-state music and scales, and some sight-reading
    • Music for all-state can be found here
    • Below is a warm-up exercise we use fairly often - G Major Warm-up. Please, be comfortable with this warm-up.
4) Listening
    • Listen to 1000 minutes of music over the summer
    • Create a listening log - keep track of the songs, artists and genre, as well as your reaction to the music/ a brief critique
    • July 31 - August 4, times and locations TBA

We will be using Google docs and Google classroom this year. All students have a DPS Google account, and will need to use that account for creating, sharing, and submitting assignments. This website will also be used to post resources.

Many of the documents and forms used in this class will have been created using Google drive. In order to open those forms and documents, students will need to open their Google accounts. If you have trouble opening a form or document, check that you are logged into your Google account, and then go to the form
  • Student Google Apps login directions:
    • Go to and log in.
    • Students’ usernames: Their six-digit student ID number.
    • Passwords default: Birthday as an 8 digit mmddyyyy number (e.g., 01052007 = January 5, 2007)

Parts of the string instruments - flash cards

Speed Pitch
Dango Brothers
Adaptive Pitch (scroll to bottom of page to enter the game)
Note Pairs

G Major Warmup